Some time ago I had the pleasure of working with two brilliant tango dancers that go by the stage name of Alice y Andrea. As much as I like shooting movement and always try to incorporate it when I can, I have never done anything with dancers: during both my research and the shooting, I discovered tango has a very technical aspect, so this meant having to consider proper hand/leg positioning on top of framing the perfect shot and conveying a good amount of emotion.
We had a whole afternoon to spend, so of course I tried to cram in as much wardrobe/concept changes possible, starting with a simple atmospheric shot in a classic tango pose.


We then progressed to more elaborate setups, involving multiple shots.


Alice and Andrea also brought with them a very long piece of cloth, as we were thinking to incorporate it in some dance poses… after a couple of tries, I thought it looked so much as a bed sheet that I decided to enphatise the illusion by using an implied nude. Tango is a very sensual dance and this is probably my favourite shot of the day, concept-wise.


The final set got rid of the classical Tango stereotypes with an old-timey styling and some portraits.



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3 responses to “Dancers

  1. L’ultima mi piace molto, davvero. Eleganza e forza del gesto! Thumbs UP

  2. the soft light makes this taut with passion

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