Ricette Rock merchandise shoot


Last year I had the pleasure to photograph the two minds behind Ricette Rock, an italian based food & music resource website geared towards people who like their music loud and their burgers as tall as the stack of Marshalls at a Spinal Tap gig.

Now they have branched out into merchandise (with illustrations by Lele Lutteri) and have a nifty array of products combining their two main features in a tongue in cheek way that I found adorable. I spent a rather busy day assembling all the visuals needed for their e-shop and I’m happy to say they’re now online so have a peek at the results and happy shopping! ^_^

First of all, some of the product shots… got to love that knife and fork skull.




We had two models for the apparel catalogue, Stefano and Valentina, who bravely put up with me constantly bitching about the curtains that we were using as a background: I can’t stand wonky lines, so guess who spent most of the time rearranging the damn things trying to get them straight? Make up was handled by my usual go-to girl, miss Arianna Arcelli.



We also shot a couple with a busier setting, to use as presentation material and general eyecandy.



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