Horns up! Metal pin up shoot

Sometime, I just need to take a break from “serious” projects (well, as serious as they can be with me!) and just have some fun with a friend, a couple of cups of tea and some picture snapping.

This time, lovely Valentina was my partner in crime… I met her first on set for Ricette Rock and we clicked immediately so when I got my hands on some stud-heavy couture from Videnoir I immediately thought of her as the ideal model for a cheeky metal-friendly pin up shoot.

I think that metal girls are as a general rule shot oversexualized, like centerfolds in skin magazines, rather than portrayed in a more personal way. I didn’t want to go down that road so despite having a lot of goods on display (because first of all I wanted to do pin up and secondly, who doesn’t like clevage?) I wanted to showcase more of the bubbly personality of Valentina rather than just her good looks.








2 responses to “Horns up! Metal pin up shoot

  1. I stumbled into your blog. It’s amazing. Thanks for sharing these images and ideas. Very creative, very inspiring, and very fun.

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